Who do we support ?

Written by: Bhawan Sharma



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Who do we Support ?

The global hunger crisis has reached unprecedented levels. Café Coléctive is a platform with the purpose of raising funds& awareness of food insecurity & inequality, in order to takle the problem head on. We support organizations that work to combat food insecurity & inequality, as well as organizations that work to provide food, shelter & basic necessities to those in need such as women & children victims of domestic abuse / violence.

Our Focus is to raise money to support organizations along the coffee belt & in the United States in the communities where our coffee is sold. Please contact us at cafecolective@colecole.cafe, to work with us.

Community Outreach Organization

Organizations we are actively fundraising on behalf of, inorder to support their important work.


Kingston Emergency Food Collaborative

The Kingston Emergency Food Collaborative (KEFC), is run entirely by volunteers and provides fresh food and household essentials to individuals and families who may be experiencing hardship in Kingston New York. Their remarkable work demonstrates the power that community-led initiatives can have on those experiencing food insecurity.

Corporate Contributions


Organizations that we support via corporate contributions.

1% for the Planet

 1% for the Planet represents a global network of businesses, individuals and environmental organizations tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues.

Food 4 Farmers

 Food 4 Farmers partners with coffee-farming communities in Latin America to cultivate a food-secure future. Their co-op partners and the thousands of coffee-farming families they represent are working to put good, healthy food on their tables every day.