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Café Coléctive: Coffee in Solidarity

According to the 2020 report by the United Nations, 811 million people suffer from chronic hunger worldwide. In the United States, 13.5% of households suffer from food insecurity, especially households with single mothers where that number climbs to 30.3%. This is a serious problem globally and here at home.

The coffee industry is worth billions, and coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world, yet food insecurity is one of its biggest threats. Coffee prices often fluctuate, when they drop, farmers may earn little to no income, making it difficult to afford basic necessities such as food or healthcare. Institutional gaps also contribute to the problem by lack of access to good quality education and restricted access to financing, preventing smaller growers from advancing out of poverty.

We are not interested in selling coffee. We are on a mission to change the business of coffee.

Café Coléctive by Colé Colé is coffee in solidarity.

Choosing coffee in solidarity promotes fair, ethical, and sustainable coffee production practices that benefit coffee farmers, our communities and our environment. We want to do our part to address global inequality in the coffee production chain, where the majority small of coffee farmers and their communities struggle with poverty and food insecurity. In the United States, Café Coléctive will support organizations that work to provide food, shelter and basic necessities for those in need.

Our coffee’s are sourced from growers that put community first. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness of food insecurity by putting systems in place in our own supply chain that will support growers affected by food insecurity. Additionally we will support the communities where we sell our coffee here at home.

Our plan of action to combat food insecurity in our own supply chain:

  • We will negotiate contracts with growers that hedge against extreme price fluctuations.
  • We will build long term relationships with growers so they have sustainble income.
  • We will fundraise to support financing for coffee grower food security projects.
  • We will reduce excess packaging & waste in our global supply chain where ever possible.
  • We will source growers that pay their workers above fair wages.
  • We will source growers that reduce water waste or recycle production water.
  • We will source growers that give back to their community.
  • We will build awareness to our guests on food inequality.
  • We will highlight & support organizations that fight against food insecurity & inequality here at home.
We will change the business of coffee, by delivering a lifestyle brand that incorporates a complete sensory experience- while being a force of good. Café Coléctive is a platform with the purpose of raising awareness of food insecurity & inequality, in order to takle the problem head on. Donate generously and help us make food accessible to all.

Do Good, indulge, repeat. #cafecolective