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Cafe Collective

The Kingston Food
Emergency food Collective

The Kingston Emergency Food Collective (KEFC), is run entirely by volunteers and provides fresh food and household essentials to individuals and families who may be experiencing hardship in the Kingston New York community. Their remarkable work demonstrates the power that community-led initiatives can have on those experiencing food insecurity. KEFC has been able to mobilize hundreds of volunteers and raise money to support its mission of providing fresh and healthy food to those in need. The KEFC is an inspiration for other communities to come together and take action towards a more just and resilient future. 100% of all funds raised by Café Coléctive will be published and provided to the KEFC via Open Collective. We want to recognize KEFC’s effort and continue to support their important work.

Do good, indulge, repeat. #cafecolective


About KEFC
In March 2020, the Kingston Emergency Food Collaborative (KEFC) was formed by a network of individuals and organizations working toward a common goal of feeding people in our community during a time of crisis. Since its inception, KEFC has grown its vision and mission to include both providing immediate service to our community as well as addressing and dismantling the root causes of food insecurity through education and advocacy.
KEFC Mission
Kingston Emergency Food Collaborative (KEFC) partner organizations and individuals are working in solidarity with community members to ensure that folks have food. We focus on meeting immediate needs while working to eliminate all factors that contribute to food insecurity and developing plans and policies to achieve food sovereignty for all.
KEFC Vision
Kingston Emergency Food Collaborative (KEFC) envisions a Kingston community where all members have open access to food and personal agency in the food system.
  • Everyone has an abundance of the food they want to eat.
  • Community voices are heard and supported to inform the decisions made and the actions taken.
  • Food is procured from producers and distributors that reflect KEFC values around racial justice, equity, and food sovereignty.
  • Decisions around policies and operations are being made at every level of the producer and distributor supply chain.
  • Organizations and individuals in this space work together in community to eradicate all barriers to food security including, but not limited to, economic disparity, physical and mental health issues, lack of transportation, and housing instability
  • Transparency


    FUNDING GOAL : $10,000

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    Café Coléctive Contribution

    Café Coléctive Contribution

    The global hunger crisis has reached unprecedented levels. Café Coléctive is coffee in solidarity. Funds raised support organizations that work to combat food insecurity & inequality, as well as organizations that work to provide food, shelter & basic necessities to those in need. We support organizations along the coffee belt & in the United States in the communities where our coffee is sold.
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