The Road to Valdesia

The Road to Valdesia

The Road to Valdesia

For the love of coffee, we embarked on a serpentine journey from the enchanting Colonial City Santo Domingo to the mesmerizing land of Valdesia. The verdant hills and valleys we traversed were a symphony of colour and fragrances, inviting us to indulge in all their splendor.

Valdesia is a world renowned coffee-growing region located in the southern central part of the Dominican Republic. It's the only region on the island with a denomination of origin, recognized in the European Union. The area is known for producing high-quality coffee beans with a unique flavor profile. Valdesia offers ideal coffee-growing conditions, including the perfect blend of sun, rain, and optimal soil conditions.

Nestled near the sea, as we meandered through the curvy roads, the powerful voice of Xiomara Fortuna harmonized the unexpected greenery and unspoiled beauty. Jewels of colour popped up in unexpected places. Flowers and textures we had never seen before. Coffee in the Dominican Republic goes beyond a morning beverage, here coffee is a way of life that connects the Dominican people together.

Our primary goal was to discover the COOP/Collective growers of the Valdesia region. These hard-working growers dedicate themselves to nurturing their farms every day, providing for their families and community. We climbed up the mountain to visit one of the plantations. We picked and savored cacao fruits from the trees that provided canopy for the coffee trees. Reminding us, of the delicate ecosystem of coffee farming. Despite of facing countless hardships, we found joy in sitting together around the coffee table, while indulging in the fruits of their labor. Only in the Dominican Republic can one experience such an extraordinary devotion to coffee. Coffee is the common thread that connects the Dominican people together transcending socio/economic barriers. Coffee culture is deeply woven into the social fabric of this island nation.

The most inspiring moment was when we met Angy, a woman that moved mountains to break the cycle of poverty for her family. Despite of having a third-grade education, Angy put all three of her children through college and battled endless bureaucracy to establish her community collective. Thanks to growers like Angy, we are able to indulge you with our our Valdesia coffee, a spectacular bean that like Angy, is bold, fragile and perseverant against all adversity. Growers like Angy, is why we are passionate about creating exceptional coffee's that are a force for good.

Immerse yourself in the world of Valdesia, and listen to the playlist that we enjoyed throughout our adventure:

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